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Concept and methodology of future manufacturing

: Warnecke, H.-J.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers -IME-:
International Conference on Manufacturing Systems and Environment - Looking toward the 21st Century
London, 1990
International Conference on Manufacturing Systems and Environment <1990, Tokyo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Fertigung; Fertigungsplanung; Fertigungsstrategie; future; manufacturing process; production planning; Production strategy; Zukunft; Zukunftsaussicht

The market for industrial goods today is characterized by saturation, international competition, surplus capacities and economic influences. Competitiveness can be safeguarded through technology and cost management strategies. At all events technology, staff qualifications and company organization are essential for success. The target variable "time" is gaining increasingly in importance both with regard to order processing and production life cycles. Logistics have a major significance in the optimization of the value added chain. The control of material flow is only one aspect in this respect; initially the organizational structure has to be revised. With a cybernetic approach to management responsibility is decentralized thereby enhanced. Demands on staff will increase accordingly.