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Compressive strength of a 3-D C/C composite - measurements at temperature up to 1800 degree

: Soltesz, U.; Thielicke, B.; Schoberth, A.; Peres, P.

Vincenzini, P.:
Advanced structural fiber composites : proceedings of Topical Symposium 3 on Advanced Structural Fiber Composites of the 8th CIMTEC-World Ceramics Congress and Forum on New Materials, Florence, Italy, June 28 to July 4, 1994
Faenza: Techna Srl, 1995 (Advances in science and technology 7)
ISBN: 88-86538-06-5
CIMTEC <8, 1994, Florenz>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
CFC; Druckfestigkeit; Faserverbundwerkstoff; Hochtemperaturverhalten

A compression testing device for Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Carbon materials was developed following the main features of the ASTM-arrangement. All parts are made of Carbonmaterials which allows testing up to 2000 degree Celsius under vacuum or inert gases. Using this device compressive strengths of a 3-D Carbon/Carbon composite which is protected against oxidation, were determined in the range between room temperature and 1800 degree Celsius. Specimens with two different orientations of the reinforcement were tested, i.e. in direction of the fibers and 22.5 degree off-axis. The strengths increase remarkably with increasing temperature and reach their maxima at about the same level for both orientations between 1400degree Celsius and 1600 degree Celsius.