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CIM - present and future

CIM - Gegenwart und Zukunft
: Warnecke, H.-J.

CIM-Tagung. Korea
CIM-Tagung <1989>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CAP; CIM; Fabrik; Fabrik 2000; factory 2000; Fertigungssteuerung; Technologievermittlung

The changes in world economy demand product and process innovation by the manufacturers. One concept to enable quick reaction in all areas is CIM. CIM development shows significant differences between USA, Japan and Europe. Large firms becoming more flexible, small and medium sized manufacturers are endagered. Technology transfer will help these firms to remain competitive. The "Fabrik 2000" CIM demonstration shows practical solutions and especially aims at medium-sized firms. It contains a machining centre, a commissioning and assembly station and a transport cell. The communication system is structured heterogeneously. Different networks are connected. The workerless factory is utopic. CIM not only means linking. First the organisation has to be restructured.