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Tumours of the rat

: Turusov, V.S.; Mohr, U.
: International Agency for Research on Cancer -IARC-, Lyon

Lyon: IARC, 1990, 748 pp.
IARC Scientific Publications, 99; Pathology of tumours in laboratory animals, 1
ISBN: 92-832-1199-5
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
cancer; carcinogen; carcinogenicity; experimental; Kanzerogenität; Krebs; laboratory animal; Labortier; pathology; rat; tumor

The goal of the series "Pathology of tumours in laboratory animals" is to facilitate communication and the comparability of experimental data obtained in different laboratories. A standard structure is adopted for each chapter with sections on normal anatomy and histology of the organ concerned, morphology and classification of tumours, the incidence and types of spontaneous tumours in various strains, the main methods of induction, and comparative aspects to man. The main emphasis has been placed on the histology and biology of tumours. Each chapter deals with tumours of a particular organ or system and the contributors have been asked to describe all neoplasms that have been reported to occur in the organ concerned. Although the terminology proposed by WHO for human tumours has been used whenever possible, a list of the most widely used synonyms is added, as many different terms have been applied for almost every tumour since its first description.