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Development of a tilt measuring device for planar impact experiments

Entwicklung einer Einrichtung zum Messen der Verkippung bei Planarimpakt-Experimenten
: Winkler, W.-D.
: Fraunhofer-Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik, Ernst-Mach-Institut, Abteilung für Ballistik -EMI-AFB-, Weil/Rhein

Weil/Rhein, 1989, 14 pp. : Abb.,Tab.
EMI-Berichte, 6/89
Aeroballistic Range Association (Meeting) <40, 1989, Paris>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer EMI ()
Dehnung; Kurzschlußkontakt; Planar-Impakt; shock wave; shorting pin; Spannung; Stoßwelle; strain; stress; tilt; tilt angle; Verkippung; Verkippungswinkel

For planar impact experiments, a device was developed for measuring the tilt of two plates at the moment of impact. Knowledge of the tilt angle is necessary for a quality control of the gun and the results received. Although several tilt signals are generated in an experiment, the tilt measuring device requires only one recording appliance. It was demonstrated that the device delivers a record of high temporal and spatial resolution. With this record it is possible to determine the tilt angle as well as the direction of the tilt. For the tilt measurements, projectile velocities ranged between 200 - 350 m/s. The tilt angle of the gun examined was less than 2.5 mrad and no privileged direction was found.