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Production rendering on a local area network

: Köhling, R.; Martino, J.M. de

Computers and Graphics 16 (1992), No.3, pp.317-324
ISSN: 0097-8493
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
animation; anti-aliasing; reflection; refraction; rendering; shading algorithms; texture

The production of a computer animation is a computational deamanding task, specially when we are rendering complex scenes with features such as anti-alisiating, shodowing, texturing, reflections, and refractions. Depending on the complexity and duration of the animation, the generation of all images with full resolution and high quality can take days, weeks, even months. the use of a distributed renderer running on an network of workstations is a cost-effective solution that not only shortens the processing time, but also to improves the reliability of the system. In this paper, we describe our approach to the problem, stressing in particular the load balancing and error recovery strategies of our solution.