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Plasma reactor for chemical vapor deposition plasma surface treatment or plasma etching.
: Wild, C.; Koidl, P.

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DE 1998-19802971 A: 19980127
DE 1998-19802971 A: 19980127
WO 1999-EP349 A: 19990120
EP 1999-903659 A: 19990120
DE 19802971 C2: 19991202
EP 1051729 B1: 20020410
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NOVELTY - The plasma reactor has a reactor housing (2) acting as a microwave resonator coupled to a HF generator (6) via a HF coaxial line (5) and containing a holder (3) for the treated substrate, with entry and exit connections (10,11) for the process gas. The feed end of the coaxial line is divided and passed around the outside of the reactor housing for alignment with an annular microwave window (12). USE - Used for chemical vapor deposition, plasma surface treatment or plasma etching of a substrate. ADVANTAGE - The cooling, positioning and temperature regulation of the treated substrate is facilitated.