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Optical and structural investigations of intermixing reactions at the interfaces of InAs/AlSb and InAs/GaSb quantum wells grown by molecular-beam epitaxy

Optische und strukturelle Untersuchungen von Durchmischungsreaktionen an den Grenzflächen von InAs/AlSb und InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells hergestellt mit Molekularstrahlepitaxie


Journal of Crystal Growth 150 (1995), pp.858-862 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0022-0248
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
InAs/AlSb Grenzfläche; InAs/AlSb interface; MBE; QW

Several issues related to the interface structure in molecular-beam epitaxially grown InAs/AlSb and InAs/GaSb heterostructures are investigated by Raman scattering, photoluminescence and X-ray measurements. The measurements reveal differing degrees of layer intermixing at the interfaces (IFs), greatest for AlAs-like IFs in the InAs/AlSb material system, less pronounced for GaAs-like IFs in the InAs/GaSb material system, and smallest for InSb like IFs in both systems. This intermixing is both thermodynamically favoured and, in addition, driven by a lowering of the strain-induced component of the surface energy.