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Marketing potential of optical coatings

Marktchancen für optische Schichten
: Kaiser, N.

Laser und Optoelektronik 25 (1993), No.3, pp.104-108
ISSN: 0722-9003
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
Dünne optische Schicht; excimer laser optics; fluoride thin films; Fluoridschicht; laser induced damage threshold; Laserzerstörschwelle; optical coating; optical thin films; oxide thin films; Oxidschicht; ultraviolet spectral region; ultravioletter Spektralbereich; UV

The effects of the current crisis of the precision-mechanical/optical industry on the marketing potential of optical coatings have been investigated. It is demonstrated here that there are substantial reserves for the development of innovative products based on optical coatings provided a way of thinking aware of finance policy is applied. This will be explained by the example of new narrowband interference filters for the UV-B spectral region.