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Stackable encased electronic component
: Reichl, H.; Aschenbrenner, R.; Ansorge, F.; Becker, K.; Ehrlich, R.; Oppermann, H.; Azdasht, G.

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DE 1997-19744298 A1: 19971007
DE 1997-19747177 A: 19971024
DE 19747177 C2: 20030821
Patent, Electronic Publication
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NOVELTY - At least one component is located and contacted on the first region (102) of the substrate (100). The substrate flexible third region (106) is shaped such that the first and second region (104) are bent together to opposite each other and enclose at least one component. The coupling lines of the component(s) are brought out on a main surface (112) of the first and/or second substrate region outside, when folded over. USE - For dual in line package, quad flat package, multichip module, ball grid array module systems. ADVANTAGE - Small surface required for module assembly and flexible rewiring geometry.