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Effects and chains of effects at CIM-realizations

: Jacobi, H.-F.

Puymbroeck, W. van; Oliveira Faria, L. de ; Commission of European Communities -CEC-, Directorate General for Telecommunications, Information Industries and Innovation -DG XIII-:
Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Proceedings of the Sixth CIM-Europe Annual Conference
Berlin: Springer, 1990 (EUR 12785)
ISBN: 0-387-19616-1
ISBN: 3-540-19616-1
CIM-Europe Annual Conference <6, 1990, Lisboa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CIM; Fertigung; Fertigungsplanung; Fertigungssteuerung; PPS; PPS-System; production control; production planning; Produktionsplanung und -steuerung; Qualitätsprüfung

The analysis of the operational aims/situations leads to the conclusion that primarily the division related interests are represented in the individual divisions today as a result of the hierarchical setup and that the fulfillment of tasks is controlled accordingly. The differing aims and their effects pose an obstacle for CIM-realiziations. Working out the division-related aims and their effects is the prerequisite for conceptional and realizational decisions regarding "computer integrated production". There is a way for demonstrating the usefulness of a CIM-component-usage in aquantified manner if one succeeds in proving that the company related aim attainment and/or aim conflict solution is assisted by using the CA and PPS-Systems. This realization is not new, however, in daily practice the knowledge of aim formation, attainment and conflict solution is still underdeveloped. An approach is recommended that allows for the checking and/or development of CIM-concepts as well as CIM rea lizations regarding their aims.