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Reusable container for foodstuffs - comprises individual parts overlapping at joining points, with coupling seams along overlapping part, and having jacket-shaped container body abutting flat bottom with inwards pointing deposition face.

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DE 1995-19515341 A: 19950426
DE 1995-19515341 A: 19950426
DE 19515341 A1: 19961031
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DE 19515341 A UPAB: 19961205 The food, chemical etc. industry container consists of several sheet metal and/or shaped parts of stainless steel, or a combination of stainless steel and composite materials. At the joining points the individual parts (1,3) overlap. Along the overlapping are located several adjacent coupling seams (5,6). Pref. a jacket-shaped container body (1) abuts a flat bottom (3a) with an inwards pointing deposition face, around whose periphery extend the mutually parallel coupling seams. USE/ADVANTAGE - For foodstuff and chemical industry, mfr., transport, storage, cleaning etc., with low-cost mfr. and functional reliability.