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On the simulation of space charge in electrostatic powder coating with a corona spray gun

: Ye, Q.; Domnick, J.


Powder Technology 135-136 (2003), pp.250-260
ISSN: 0032-5910
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
particle simulation; gas flow; powder coating; corona spray gun; Schutzschicht; Simulation; elektrostatisches Pulverspritzen; Teilchen

This paper presents a numerical method developed for the calculation of the electric field with space charge in electrostatic powder coatind with a corona spray gun. An extended commercial computational fluid dynymics (CFD) code was used in the numerical simulation. The free ion charge density was calculated using the conservation equation for the charge density. The time-dependent inhomogeneous field charging of the particle was applied. Based on the Lagrangian approach, the trajectories of the powder particles were modelled considering electric and aerodynamic forces. The numerical results, such as ion current density distributions, particle charge, static film thicknesses as well as dynamic film thicknesses on the target were compared with the experiment.