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Integrated approach for a knowledge-based process layout for simultaneous 5-axis milling of advanced materials

: Busch, M.; Klocke, F.; Bergs, T.; Rohde, L.; Witty, M.; Cabral, G.F.

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Advances in Tribology. Online journal (2011), Art. 742360
ISSN: 1687-5923
ISSN: 1687-5915
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPT ()

Advanced materials, like nickel-based alloys, gain importance in turbomachinery manufacturing, where creating complex surfaces constitute a major challenge. However, milling strategies that provide high material removal rates at acceptable tooling costs demand optimized tool geometry and process parameter selection. In this paper, a description of circular milling is given, focusing on resulting engagement conditions. Regarding this, a test bench was designed to investigate the chip formation process in an analogy milling process. Furthermore, the methodology for the approach in the analogy process was developed. Results of a first test run in Inconel 718 verify the presented approach.