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Residual Strain in Semi-Insulating InP Wafers Treated by Multiple-Step Wafer Annealing

: Fukuzawa, M.; Herms, M.; Uchida, M.; Oda, O.; Yamada, M.


Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Part 1, Regular papers, short notes and review papers 38 (1999), No.2B, pp.1156-1157
ISSN: 0021-4922
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
InP; SIRP; residual strain; photoelastic characterization; multi-step wafer annealing

By using a scanning infrared polariscope (SIRP), the residual strain was characterized in semi-insulating wafers of slightly Fe-doped InP crystals treated by multiple-step wafer annealing (MWA). The SIRP maps of annealed wafers were compared with those of the as-grown adjacent wafers. It was revealed that the optimized MWA process did not generate an addtional, unwanted residual strain but homogenized its distribution.