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Dielectric properties of CVD diamond for radiofrequency window applications

Dielektrische Eigenschaften von CVD-Diamant im Hinblick auf Mikrowellenanwendungen
: Spörl, R.; Heidinger, R.; Wild, C.; Schwab, R.; Koidl, P.

Vincenzini, P.:
Diamond Films. Proceedings of Topical Symposium IV on Diamond Films-Synthesis, Processing and Applications
Faenza: Techna Srl, 1999 (Advances in science and technology 21)
ISBN: 88-86538-22-7
International Symposium on Diamond Films <4, 1998, Florenz>
CIMTEC, World Ceramics Congress & Forum on New Materials <1998, Florenz>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Diamant; diamond; diamond films; Diamantschichten; absorption; absorption; dielectric property; dielektrische Eigenschaft; radiofrequency windows; Mikrowellenfenster

Free-standing discs of CVD diamond were produced with a new technique by which windows with a diameter up to 6 inches can be formed. Specimen sets grown with this technique were studied for their dielectric parameters in a wide frequency range from 10(exp 3) Hz up to 10(exp 11) Hz by different methods (LCR meter, Hybrid cavity, Fabry-Perot resonator) at room temperature. In addition the temperature dependence of loss tangent (tan delta) was investigated in the cryogenic (70 K to 300 K) and high temperature (300 K to 700 K) regime. In the best grades, values of tan delta lower than 5x10(exp -5) at 145 GHz (300 K) were obtained.