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Exploiting context information for identification of relevant experts in collaborative workplace-embedded e-learning environments

2007 , Lokaiczyk, R. , Godehardt, E. , Faatz, A. , Goertz, M. , Kienle, A. , Wessner, M. , Ulbrich, A.

This work introduces an approach to discover collaboration partners and adequate advising experts in a workplace-embedded collaborative e-learning environment. Based on existing papers dealing with work task and user context modelling, we propose the following steps towards a successful collaboration initiation. In the beginning, the user's current process task needs to be identified (1). Taking into account the knowledge about the current process, availability of experts as well as organizational and social distance, relevant experts regarding the actual work task of the learner are pre-selected by the environment (2). Depending on the pre-selection and users' preferences, the potential collaboration partners are displayed in an expert list (3). That way, the learner is able to initiate beneficial collaborations, whose transcripts are used to enhance the existing knowledge base of learning documents (4).