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A PSS maturity self-assessment tool

2018 , Exner, Konrad , Balder, Juliane , Stark, Rainer

The ongoing discussion about digital transformation in combination with new digital services is increasing uncertainties in companies on how to proceed regarding their strategic development of new products, services as well as integrated offers. The main challenges for companies has been stated in several industrial workshops and projects. They comprise the assessment of the current situation, identifying the business value of digital transformation as well as the necessary capabilities needed regarding the implementation of a target vision. Based on the results of a literature analysis as well as initial prescriptive and descriptive study a revised PSS maturity model has been developed for assessing the status of a company reflecting on four dimensions: value proposition, business processes, customer and sustainability. The approach is complemented with an online self-assessment tool and generic action recommendations. The methodology has been applied and evaluated with a case company. The qualitative results indicate a good user acceptance and a very good ease of use as well as an improvable feedback regarding the action recommendations.