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Ressourceneffizientes Produktdesign durch PLM-integrierte Generierung und Auswahl von Produktvarianten

2015 , Buchert, T. , Kim, M. , Graf, R. , Ko, N. , Lindow, K. , Stark, R.

The development of sustainable and resource-efficient products requires new forms of support which provides design engineers with transparency on the results of their decisions and at the same time limit additional effort. The integration of product (e.g. CAD) and process (e.g. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)) based models can be seen as a promising solution for that purpose. Currently existing prospective approaches like SolidWorks Sustainability Pro only provide support on a time consuming "Trial- and Error"- basis without real guidance for achieving optimal solutions. Hence, a new approach will be presented in this work which is based on building and selecting product variants by utilizing existing PLM solutions and GaBi (a software for conducting LCA).