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Konzeption und Entwicklung einer flexiblen ECM-Bearbeitungsmaschine mit modularem Werkzeug- und Werkstückspannsystem

: Neumann, M.

Freiberg, 2007, 111 pp.
Freiberg, TU Bergakademie, Dipl.-Arb., 2007
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Präzisionsfertigung; Mikrofertigung; Mikro-ECM; ECM; ECM-Bearbeitungsmaschine; ECM-Werkzeugsystem; precision manufacturing; micro manufacturing; micro ECM; ECM; ECM machine; ECM tool system

The electrochemical machining which works after the precepts of PEM has a lot of relevant advantages nevertheless the number of applications is easy to grasp. A reason is the complex application of the process. A high manual expenditure of installation and continuous changes in the system of device elements causes often the loss of economic competitiveness in comparison with other manufacturing processes. Within the scope of the study at hand a new concept of space is developed. Due to the modularisation and the introduction of standardised interfaces the expenditure of design is limited to a minimum for every incoming order. In addition to a high precise positioning system the increase of the accuracy is guaranteed. The result grants the user to adapt his processing machine quickly to the special customer wishes and to offer a flexible serial production for different accuracy classes and number of pieces.