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Ablative Fast Pyrolysis - Process for valorization of residual biomass

Presentation held at 5th International Conference on Chemical Technology, 10.-12.04.2017, Mikulov, Tschechische Republik
: Schulzke, Tim; Conrad, Stefan

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2017, 32 Folien
International Conference on Chemical Technology <5, 2017, Mikulov>
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Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
ablative fast pyrolysis; staged condensation

The direct use of pyrolysis condensates is hindered by unwanted properties of the liquid, especially if herbaceous biomass is used. Ablative fast pyrolysis simplifies the conversion process as no heat carrier material is necessary and for herbaceous biomass briquetting can be applied instead of energy-intensive grinding. To avoid phase separation of the primary liquid product staged condensation can be applied. Pyrolysis condensates collected as fractions from three-staged condensation can be used for energetic applications (bunker fuel or heavy heating oil) on one side but also as substitute for fossil resources in phenol-formaldehyde resins as adhesives in wood industry or polyurethane foams in sandwich boards for building insulation.