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Reducing the verification effort for interfaces of automotive infotainment software

: Drabek, Christian; Paulic, Annette; Weiß, Gereon

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Erstellt am: 2.12.2015

Detroit/Mich., 2015, 10 S.
SAE Technical Papers, 2015-01-0166
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE World Congress) <2015, Detroit/Mich.>
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ESK ( IKS) ()
infotainment; car infotainment; automotive; interface verification; regression test; model execution; state machine; layered reference model; UML; UML profile; software engineering; model-based software design and validation; automotive software; dependable software

We present a novel approach and effective tooling to reduce the effort for the interface verification of in-vehicle software components. Our models create different views of the system. Layered reference models separate the description of the structure and the behavior of the services' communication. This simplifies the behavior descriptions and facilitates the usage of different communication technologies, e.g., D-Bus or CAN. Since the reference models are executable specifications, they can be used to verify the communication of the modeled services. This can be tested live or from a trace. In case of required changes to an interface, regression testing can be performed automatically using only the model. We evaluate the benefits and implications of our approach and tool with a case study of an in-vehicle audio function.