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Organizational mechanisms in environmental management: An evolutionary analysis confronted with empirical facts

: Avadikyan, A.; Llerena, D.; Ostertag, K.

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International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 1 (2001), No.1/2, pp.45-60
ISSN: 1466-2132
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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In this paper we analyse the development of corporate environmental management systems through the core elements of the emerging evolutionary theory of the firm. The environmental management process means a process by which organizations change their structures and cultures as a result of an interlinked effort of individual learning and organizational transformation. We propose that effective environmental management capacities derive primarily from the adaptation of three constitutive mechanisms of firms: the coordination mechanisms, the cognitive mechanisms and the incentive mechanisms. Our theoretical results are supported by case studies in 12 industrial firms localized in France (Alsace) and in Germany (Baden-Würtemberg).