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Cross wedge rolling to preform light metal forgings

Querkeilwalzen, um Schmiedeteile aus Leichtmetallen vorzuformen
: Neugebauer, Reimund; Lorenz, B.; Steger, J.

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Metal Matters (2009), No.12, pp.13
ISSN: 1759-5975
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
cross wedge rolling; preforming; resource management; titanium; light-metal-forging; Querkeilwalzen; Masseverteilungszwischenform; Titanlegierung; Leichtmetallschmiedestück

The forging of a component with oblong shape and complex geometry can not be realized in a single forming operation. Preforming operations are applied to ensure complete cavity filling with smallest amount of material loss, to avoid forging defects and to keep loads and wear of the dies low. In preforming the distribution of the material along the main axis can be realized either by displacement or by accumulation. In accumulation processes the cross section of a forging is increased while the length is reduced. The process limit is characterized by the failure mechanisms of outward bending and buckling.