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Single-shot characterization of strongly focused coherent XUV and soft X-ray beams

: Eschen, W.; Tadesse, G.; Peng, Y.; Steinert, M.; Pertsch, T.; Limpert, J.; Rothhardt, J.

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Optics Letters 45 (2020), No.17, pp.4798-4801
ISSN: 0146-9592
ISSN: 1539-4794
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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adaptive optics; electron; free electron lasers; real time systems; X-rays / industrial applications

In this Letter, we present a novel, to the best of our knowledge, single-shot method for characterizing focused coherent beams. We utilize a dedicated amplitude-only mask, in combination with an iterative phase retrieval algorithm, to reconstruct the amplitude and phase of a focused beam from a single measured far-field diffraction pattern alone. In a proof-of-principle experiment at a wavelength of 13.5 nm, we demonstrate our new method and obtain an RMS phase error of better than λ/70. This method will find applications in the alignment of complex optical systems, real-time feedback to adaptive optics, and single-shot beam characterization, e.g., at free-electron lasers or high-order harmonic beamlines.