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JAB Code - A Versatile Polychrome 2D Barcode

: Berchtold, Waldemar; Liu, Huajian; Steinebach, Martin; Klein, Dominik; Senger, Tobias; Thenee, Nicolas

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Electronic imaging. Online journal (2020), pp.207/1-207/6
ISSN: 2470-1173
Annual Symposium on Electronic Imaging, Science and Technology <2020, Burlingame/Calif.>
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Barcode; JAB Code; polychrome Barcode; high capacity; automatic identification

This paper presents the design and implementation of an encoder and decoder of a colored barcode with high data densityand storage capacity and freedom in shape. The approximatelythree times higher data density compared to conventional 2D matrix codes such as DataMatrix, QR or Aztec code is achieved bythe use of eight colors and enables new applications, especiallyin the endconsumer market as well as in IT security. The challenges associated with the use of the color channel in printingwith conventional office printers and recording by smartdevicesunder typical scenarios are addressed. The flexibility in the barcode shape is achieved by combining a primary and several secondary symbols according to a given scheme and give the necessary freedom for various applications. The presented code storescolors redundantly in a color palette as a reference in order toprovide high robustness. JAB code, Just Another Barcode, hasbeen specified, implemented, tested and is avaiable in github under the license LGPL 2.1. JAB code is currently in the standardization process at the International Organization for Standardization ISO.