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Stochastic system identification without an a priori chosen kinetic model - exploring feasible cell regulation with piecewise linear functions

: Hoffmann, Martin; Galle, Jörg

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npj Systems biology and applications 4 (2018), Art. 15, 11 pp.
ISSN: 2056-7189
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Kinetic models are at the heart of system identification. A priori chosen rate functions may, however, be unfitting or too restrictive for complex or previously unanticipated regulation. We applied general purpose piecewise linear functions for stochastic system identification in one dimension using published flow cytometry data on E.coli and report on identification results for equilibrium state and dynamic time series. In metabolic labelling experiments during yeast osmotic stress response, we find mRNA production and degradation to be strongly co-regulated. In addition, mRNA degradation appears overall uncorrelated with mRNA level. Comparison of different system identification approaches using semi-empirical synthetic data revealed the superiority of single-cell tracking for parameter identification. Generally, we find that even within restrictive error bounds for deviation from experimental data, the number of viable regulation types may be large. Indeed, distinct regulation can lead to similar expression behaviour over time. Our results demonstrate that molecule production and degradation rates may often differ from classical constant, linear or Michaelis-Menten type kinetics.