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Transparent glass-ceramics

Crystallization mechanisms and optical properties
: Pablos-Martín, A. de; Durán, A.; Pascual, M.J.; Soria, S.; Righini, G.C.; Ramírez, M.O.; Bausá, L.E.; Ristic, D.; Ferrari, M.; Höche, T.

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SPIE newsroom. Online journal (2012), 4 pp.
ISSN: 1818-2259
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWM ()
transparent glass-ceramics; nanocrystallization in oxyfluoride glasses; crystallization of fluoride and double-fluoride phases

General principles of nanocrystallization in oxyfluoride glasses, with special attention to the crystallization of fluoride and double-fluoride phases are presented. Collaboration with other institutions has allowed the optical characterization of these materials, which suggests a promising future for them, for example, in optics and photovoltaics. Finding the best material requires that several factors be improved: crystallization of the appropriate fluoride crystal (including new phases such as sodium lutetium fluoride and lithium lutetium fluoride), a high crystalline fraction, and maximum incorporation of the RE ion into the crystalline structure, among others.