System Configuration and Data Protection



Technical Advisor

  • Publica Team (publica[at], Research Services & Open Science


  • STAR database server for Fraunhofer-Publica and Fraunhofer-ePrints (searches only fulltext documents in Fraunhofer-Publica)
  • STAR Z39-50 server / STAR-XML server / STAR-Web
  • Apache 2.2.12 Webserver
  • Apache Tomcat/8.0.23

operating system, hardware
  • VMware
  • Suse Linux (SLES 12)
  • 500 GB data storage

data Backup and failure protection

  • regular snapshots of the VMs
  • daily internal backups

operation hours

  • between 2:45 und 3:00 a.m. the access is interrupted while the database is replaced with an updated version


Status: 29.05.2018