Publication Policies


Fraunhofer-Publica is the bibliographic database containing metadata to the publications of the Fraunhofer society, its institutes, and its scientific staff. The technological subject areas covered by the database correspond to the research fields of the Fraunhofer society.

The following types of documents are cited:

  • Journal articles
  • Articles in compendiums and conference proceedings
  • Monographs
  • Theses
  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Research reports
  • Patents and registered designs
  • Grey literature


The Competence Center Research Services & Open Science at the Fraunhofer Information Centre for Regional Planning and Building Construction (IRB), in cooperation with the research institutes and their libraries, is responsible for the maintenance and support of Fraunhofer-Publica.

Being an international database strong criteria must be met with regard to the international availabiltity of the documents that are referenced. Hence metadata that may seem unsufficient are validated and completed. Citations to presentations, posters etcetera are normally only accepted if the corresponding electronic fulltext documents are provided as well. If licensing restrictions prohibit providing fulltext documents on the own repository links to foreign servers are added if available, preferably in the form of DOIs or similar persinstent ids. Should particular documents prove difficult to aquire per inter-library loan the Fraunhofer-Publica staff is happy to assist.

Fraunhofer-Publica strives for providing complete and current data focussing on actuality, so the current research topics and competencies of the Fraunhofer society are presented in a timely manner.

Consistency of the metadata is another focus, so for example publications by the same author or from the same conference can easily be combined.

New patent applications are also cited but not updated with regard to their legal state. Entering patent data is deferred due to legal restrictions, but also to be able to provide English translations of titles and abstracts.

Fraunhofer-Publica can be harvested via the protocol for metadata harvesting of the open archive initiative (OAI-PMH) to include them in other repositories or search engines.