Delivery Service


We do not offer any central document delivery service. You may, however, obtain a full text document through the following ways:

Libraries or Document Delivery Services

With the help of accurate and complete bibliographic data from the Publica, it is normally easy for you to locate the required document or publication at your nearest library. If your library does not hold this document, you may make use of document delivery services to borrow or obtain photocopies of the required document from other libraries. Similarly, you may also place orders for electronic copies with the SUBITO Delivery Service service of the German libraries

Placing Book Order with the Fraunhofer-Bookshop

Books for sale can be purchased from the Fraunhofer-Bookshop, in which case hypertext links to the ordering form are integrated in the bibliographic records. No registration is required for the use of this service.

Should there be problems, please contact Fraunhofer-Publica or the Fraunhofer institute, from which the document originates. This information, including a link to the institute's homepage, is found in every bibliographic record in the Publica.