YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018An overview of joint activities on computational imaging and compressive sensing systems by NATO SET-232
Bosq, Todd du; Agarwal, Sanjeev; Dijk, Judith; Gungo, Alper; Guven, H. Emre; Haran, Terence L.; Laurenzis, Martin; Leonard, Kevin; Mahalanobis, Abhijit; Paunescu, Gabriela; Piper, Jonathan; Repasi, Endre
Conference Paper
2018Nonlinear optical behaviour of C60 and MWCNT suspensions far beyond the nonlinear threshold
Dengler, Stefanie; Eberle, Bernd
Conference Paper
2018Extending the 3D range of a short-wave infrared laser-gated viewing system capable of correlated double sampling
Göhler, Benjamin; Lutzmann, Peter
Conference Paper
2018Counter-UAS: Bildbasierte UAV-Entdeckung und -Erkennung
Kaufmann, Ilja; Müller, Markus
Book Article
2018Compressive sensing for active imaging in SWIR spectral range
Paunescu, Gabriela; Lutzmann, Peter; Wegner, Daniel
Conference Paper
2018Imaging simulation of active EO-camera
Pérez, José; Repasi, Endre
Conference Paper
2018Maritime laser measurement system: MARLA
Schiller, Max; Schwarz, Bastian; Ritt, Gunnar
Conference Paper
2018Optronic System Imaging Simulator (OSIS): Imager simulation tool of the ECOMOS project
Wegner, Daniel; Repasi, Endre
Conference Paper