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    Listing closed sets of strongly accessible set systems with applications to data mining
    We study the problem of listing all closed sets of a closure operator a that is a partial function on the power set of some finite ground set E, i.e., sigma : F -> F with F subset of P(E). A very simple divide-and-conquer algorithm is analyzed that correctly solves this problem if and only if the domain of the closure operator is a strongly accessible set system. Strong accessibility is a strict relaxation of greedoids as well as of independence systems. This algorithm turns out to have delay O (vertical bar E vertical bar (T-F + T-sigma + vertical bar E vertical bar)) and space O (vertical bar E vertical bar + S-F + S-sigma), where T-F, S-F, T-sigma, and S-sigma are the time and space complexities of checking membership in F and computing a, respectively. In contrast, we show that the problem becomes intractable for accessible set systems. We relate our results to the data mining problem of listing all support-closed patterns of a dataset and show that there is a corresponding closure operator for all datasets if and only if the set system satisfies a certain confluence property.