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Trustworthy Use of Artificial Intelligence

2019-07 , Cremers, Armin B. , Englander, Alex , Gabriel, Markus , Hecker, Dirk , Mock, Michael , Poretschkin, Maximilian , Rosenzweig, Julia , Rostalski, Frauke , Sicking, Joachim , Volmer, Julia , Voosholz, Jan , Voß, Angelika , Wrobel, Stefan

This publication forms a basis for the interdisciplinary development of a certification system for artificial intelligence. In view of the rapid development of artificial intelligence with disruptive and lasting consequences for the economy, society, and everyday life, it highlights the resulting challenges that can be tackled only through interdisciplinary dialog between IT, law, philosophy, and ethics. As a result of this interdisciplinary exchange, it also defines six AI-specific audit areas for trustworthy use of artificial intelligence. They comprise fairness, transparency, autonomy and control, data protection as well as security and reliability while addressing ethical and legal requirements. The latter are further substantiated with the aim of operationalizability.