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    Hypermedia-based support for cooperative learning of process knowledge
    ( 2000)
    Wang, W.
    Haake, J.M.
    Rubart, J.
    Tietze, D.A.
    The WWW makes learning materials widely accessible and provides an environment where people can learn across time and space. However, the simple read-only information structure on the Web provides little or very limited guidance to learners, especially when they want to learn how to do something through interaction with computers and other people. We suggest overcoming the problem by introducing a graphical hypermedia-based process representation and a cooperative process enactment support. The hypermedia-based process structure is accessible on the WWW. It contains a rich set of associated materials with which people can seamlessly interact while they are systematically carrying out the process they are learning under the guidance of computers or tutors. A hypermedia-based process support system and two use cases are presented. The use cases show that such a system can not only provide traditional learning support, but also offers novel cooperative hypermedia based support for the learning of process knowledge.