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Detektoranordnung zum Aufnehmen von Röntgenbildern eines abzubildenden Objekts

2012 , Keeve, E. , Engel, S. , Stopp, F. , Käseberg, Marc , Uhlmann, Eckart

The invention relates to a detector assembly (1) for recording x-ray images of an object (29) to be imaged, said object being located on a support plate of a table, wherein the table has at least one adjustable support foot for moving the support plate, comprising: a detector (12) for detecting x-radiation and a positioning device (13) for moving the detector (12) relative to the object (29), wherein the detector (12) can be moved into a plurality of recording positions that are spatially fixed with respect to the object (29) and the positioning device can be fastened to the support foot in such a way that the positioning device is moved together with the support plate and the positioning device has at least one articulated arm, which can be moved with respect to at least one axis of rotation (99, 100, 101) and/or one linear axis.