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Machine-integrated measurement of specular free-formed surfaces using phase-measuring deflectometry

2009 , Richter, C. , Kurz, M. , Knauer, M.C. , Faber, C. , Olesch, E. , Häusler, G. , Oberschmidt, D. , Eßmann, J. , Uhlmann, E.

The authors present first results of a project with the long-term goal of performing optical measurements of ultra precision turned objects within the turning machine. Whereas ultra precision turning machines facilitate the manufacturing of optical free-formed parts, the task of measuring these objects is not yet solved satisfactorily. Moreover, an optical measurement within the machine would be of great advantage concerning a possible feedback to the turning process. Phase-measuring deflectometry has the potential to solve these tasks, but the system has to be adapted to provide the necessary dynamic range and to cope with the limited installation space within the system. We present measuring results of ultra precise turned parts manufactured on a 5-axis ultra precision machine. The surface of these objects displays a local slope up to 30. Furthermore, the potential for future integration of such a measurement system into an ultra precision lathe is demonstrated.