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    Potentials of Design Thinking for knowledge transfer of Model-Based Systems Engineering
    ( 2022)
    Manoury, Marvin Michael
    Horländer, Toni
    Zimmermann, Thomas
    Industrial products are becoming increasingly complex due to the use and development of mechatronic systems. This increasing complexity is addressed by virtual representations of the systems in the form of interdisciplinary models. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) supports product development from the early development phase through validation, verification and integration up to later life cycle phases of the product by means of system modeling.Typical drivers for innovations in the industrial environment are business viability, technology driven feasibility and human driven desirability. While business viability and feasibility are considered in most product development processes and innovation driven projects, the human factor is often neglected in this context. This is addressed by a MBSE Capability and Maturation Matrix (CMM), which consists of capabilities for the acquisition and mastering of the MBSE competencies. The authors have considered Design Thinking as a feasible approach to transfer MBSE knowledge and thus support this acquisition MBSE competencies. This publication shall present the first findings on the application of Design Thinking for the creation of a user-centered MBSE introduction event. This event shall be used in further iterative steps to teach non-experts in the MBSE field the required competencies for their work and thus support the CMM development capability.