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    OptTopo: Automated set-point optimization for coupled systems using topology information
    ( 2022)
    Thiele, Gregor
    Johanni, Theresa
    Sommer, David
    Eigel, Martin
    Krüger, Jörg
    The manufacturing sector has witnessed a rapid rise in the importance of energy-efficient operation. For finding optimal set-points for industrial facilities, optimization problems of increasing complexity occur. Key challenges are the leak of derivative information and the curse of dimensionality. For systematic reduction of the search-space by decomposition of the model, a methodology for the inclusion of topology knowledge in the optimization procedure is developed. An implementation of OptTopo (Optimization based on Topology), embedded in a testbed, demonstrates its advantages compared to popular out-of-the-box-optimization. OptTopo could be integrated in energy management software offering advanced set-point control for complex facilities.