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Ethical implications of the global use of digitised biomedical and biometric data. Workshop Proceedings

2011 , Menevidis, Z. , Schug, S.H.

In the light of a lack of convergence at the international level at this point in time, the ETHICAL project seeks a first international response to these issues in the development of a Code of Conduct. Indeed, the development and adherence to such a Code is possibly one of the few policy options we could employ and this is why I welcome the outline for such a Code developed in the framework of this project. I want to congratulate all partners with the completion of this project. The project did not want to employ abstract ethics, but instead, worked interdisciplinary, and brought people technical and ethical expertise together. Moreover, the project was exemplary by integrating international partners from the Ukraine, Chile and Malaysia into a consortium which also consisted of various research organisations and SME's from Europe. Thus, the project was not only a success in terms of its outcome, but also in terms of its process. Dr. Dr.phil. René Von Schomberg DG Research European Commission