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    Business process modeling. Basis for change management
    ( 1999)
    Mertins, K.
    Jochem, R.
    The globalization and changing conditions of markets and competition force enterprises to rethink decisions on all levels of the company and overcome the prevailing tayloristic ways of thinking and working. The processes must be condensed and sped up. Time traps and waste of resources have to be localized and eliminated. The control of the chain of added value will be the decisive factor of success. If small and medium-sized companies wish to secure their competitiveness in a new environment they must be able to provide prompt advantages at competitive prices and services. This, however, requires: (I.) focusing on core business activities, (II.) transparent costs and processes, (III.) a change in the way of thinking, (IV.) qualified and motivated employees, (V.) efficient organizational structures and workflows, (VI.) quality (QM) and environment management (EM) systems that are used efficiently and updated regularly on a day-to-day basis, (VII.)overcoming grown structures when introducing data processing (DP) systems, and (VIII.) processes that are controlled by the market and are documented comprehensible. The efficient design of these changes is a must. It requires considerable investments and/or an additional burden on limited human resources. Handicaps are: organizational processes badly or insufficiently documented, insufficiently controlled department-overlapping transfer of experiences or know-how and missing backup and documentation of corporate knowledge.