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    BERCIM - a broadband-communication experiment in CIM
    ( 1992)
    Tschammer, V.
    Henckel, L.
    Strick, D.
    Fredrich, H.
    Linnemann, H.
    The collaborative BERKOM project BERCIM is a broadband communication experiment in CIM. It is to demonstrate and to gain experience in CIM-scenarios and applications wherein large amounts of data are moved across MANs and WANs, multi-media data is transferred and used, and co-operation between individuals and groups belonging to remote sites and different organisations is supported. BERCIM integrates CIM-applications and broadband communication techniques. The paper first describes the project approach and the motivation for innoative CIM-structures based on broadband communication. Then the CIM-scenario and the BERCIM-architecture are presented. This is followed by the supporting infrastructure and the transport system. Finally an evaluation of the project results is given.