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    Virtual machine tool - A case study on virtual operator training
    ( 2008)
    Denkena, B.
    Ammermann, C.
    Henning, H.
    Hohwieler, E.
    Schlegel, T.
    In operator training for machine operations, the application of virtual supported training courses promises great benefits for industrial usage. If the Human-Machine-Interface is adequately modelled, this may lead to a decrease in ramp-up times or system failures during a running production and an immediate hand on support of the user. In the presented paper, a prototype for virtual operator training to achieve a faster and more flexible ramp-up is described. The realized prototypical system shows new possibilities of future learning and demonstrates applications of virtual machine and control models. The developed approach is compared to existing approaches in the field of computer-aided operator training. Due to its flexible structure, the system allows a global implementation and adaptation to people with different languages and cultures and different machinery. The system structure as well as the developed training concept are described in detail to illustrate the economical benefits for an implementation in industry.