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Cadmium - Uses and possibilities of substitution

: Tötsch, W.


Toxicological and environmental chemistry 27 (1990), Nr.1, S.123-130
ISSN: 0277-2248
ISSN: 0092-9867
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Akkumulator; Batterie; Beschichtung; cadmium; coating material; dyestuff; electrical conctact; Elektrokontakt; Ersatzstoff; Farbstoff; Galvanik; Glas; Hartlot; Keramik; Korrosion; Kunststoff; pigment; plastic; polyvinyl chloride; power supply; PVC; silver solder; Stabilisator; stabilizer; Stromversorgung; substitution; Verwendung

The bulk of cadmium is used for the production of pigments, for the stabilization of polyvinyl chloride, for electroplating and as an electrode material in nickel cadmium accumulators. Accumulators are the only cadmium application, which has experienced a sustained growth over the years. Recycling of the accumulators is technically and economically feasible. An effective system to collect disposed batteries has yet to be established. There is a fair potential for substituting cadmium pigments and cadmium platings, but for the large number of applications individual solutions have to be found. New developments in polyvinyl chloride stabilization may allow to completely renounce the use of cadmium in the processing of PVC within the next 10 years.