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A Review of Employment Effects of European Union and Measures for CO2-Emission Reductions

Report of a Study for WWF Germany
: Walz, R.; Schleich, J.; Betz, R.; Nathani, C.
: Fraunhofer-Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung -ISI-, Karlsruhe

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Karlsruhe: ISI, 1999, 25 S.
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carbon dioxide; international agreement; economic; government policy; tax; energy conservation; emission; industry; building; Emissionsminderung; Luftreinhaltung; Beschäftigungseffekt; Kohlendioxid; EU-Politik; recycling; Besteuerung; alternative Energie; innovation; Modellierung; Energieverbrauch; Industrie; Gebäude; Kraftstoff; Energieeinsparung; Verbrauchssteuer; CO2-Abgabe; Klimaschutz; wirtschaftlicher Aspekt; Umweltpolitik; Politikwirkung; Nachfrageeffekt; EU-Länder

This paper aims at providing a rough review of the likely employment effects of European Union policies and measures for COUL2-emission reductions. This review concentrates mainly on the so-called common and coordinated policies and measures. Furthermore, the analysis is restricted to presenting and systemising existing results on the effects of a COUL2/energy tax and putting forward a rather qualitative evaluation of the various sectoral policies discussed. The paper is organised as follows. In section 2, the economic impact mechanisms of climate protection policies are discussed. This allows the different arguments brought forward in the debate on the employment effects of COUL2-reduction policies to be systemised and evaluated. Section 3 presents some of the latest results on the macroeconomic effects of a COUL2/energy tax. The likely effects of the sectoral policies on the different economic impact categories are discussed in section 4. Conclusions are presented in section 5. (orig.)