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Methodology for the safe and economical fatigue design of components in ABS/ETC braking systems under variable amplitude loadings

: Sonsino, C.M.; Bacher-Höchst, M.


Warrendale, PA: SAE, 1999, 11 S.
SAE Technical Papers, 1999-01-0366
Society of Automotive Engineers (International Congress and Exhibition) <1999, Detroit/Mich.>
Fraunhofer LBF ()
anti block system; Antiblockiersystem; Bemessung; brake; Bremse; Dauerfestigkeit; design; electronics; Elektronik; endurance limit; fatigue life; frequency; Frequenz; hydraulic press; Hydraulische Presse; Lebensdauer; measurement; Mehrstufenbeanspruchung; Messung; safety; Sicherheit; Spannungsamplitude; stress amplitude; test; variable amplitude loading; Versuch

The paper presents first how load spectra of antilock brake and electronic traction control systems (ABS/ETC) are obtained from braking pressure simulation in special test benches for particular vehicles of different customers. Subsequently, the measures for the derivation of a test spectrum under consideration of a reasonable test time reduction are described. Finally, the experimental and numerical procedures for fatigue life and safety assessments of the ABC/ETC hydraulic housings are presented.