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Applications of single-beam photothermal analysis

Beilage zu: Journal de physique (1994), Nr.3
: Schork, R.; Krügel, S.; Schneider, C.; Pfitzner, L.; Ryssel, H.

Journal de physique. 4, Colloque 4 (1994), Nr.3, S.C7
ISSN: 1155-4339
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
photothermal analyse; process control; semiconductor; temperature; thermal wave technique; thickness

It was demonstrated in this paper that thermal wave analysis is capable of measuring two major parameters in the metallization processes of semiconductor manufacturing, metal layer thickness and temperature. A material of interest for which this method is well suited is Al on SiO2. The TW signal is high for thin aluminium layers and very sensitive to thickness variation. The thickness range which is of interest in semiconductor processing, can be measured with a repeatability of better than 1 % and absolute accuracy of a few nanometers depending on the calibration samples. The experimental results demonstrate that the TW system described above can also be used for accurate, fast and noncontacting temperature measurement, especially in the low temperature range with a high local resolution.