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Anordnung zur Pruefung durchsichtiger oder spiegelnder Objekte

Arrangement for testing transparent and mirroring objects
: Luebbert, J.U.; Muth, F.

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DE 1994-4434699 A: 19940928
DE 1994-4434699 A: 19940928
DE 4434699 C2: 20010222
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a device for recognizing defects in the surface or inside transparent objects or on reflecting objects or their inside if the reflecting surface is facing away from the direction of observation, said invention resulting from the production of an image by means of a device to illuminate the object on the same side of the object, whereby the light source 1 is generated to illuminate the object by means of a partially reflecting plane surface 2 and a retroreflecting surface 4 of any shape, whereby the use of telecentric or approximately telecentric optics for illumination and projection leads to the defined projection of the object and an automatically acting device for the recognition of defects.