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Vorrichtung zum Messen der Position eines Filamentbuendels

Device for measuring the position of a filament bundle
: Hartrumpf, M.

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DE 1990-4002743 A: 19900131
DE 1990-4002743 A: 19900131
EP 1990-125040 A: 19901220
DE 4002743 C2: 19920820
EP 439802 B1: 19940720
US 5315371 : 19940524
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a device for the measurement of the position of a filament bundle which protrudes vertically from a spinning nozzle, blown with air to cool down and then removed, whereby a light source is arranged ahead of the filament bundle and between the spinning nozzle and the removing device at about the same plane as the largest deflection of the filament bundle from the vertical, behind the filament bundle is a detector device arranged at an angle to the light axis, said angle being so large that no direct light from the light source falls on the detector device, and an evaluation device is provided to calculate the position of the filmaent bundle from the signal of the detector device.