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Vorrichtung zum anodischen Bonden von Silizium-Wafern mit Tragekoerpern

Device for bonding silicon wafers to substrates
: Chlebeck, J.; Stauch, H.; Loechl, B.; Koenig, M.

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DE 1991-4108304 A: 19910314
DE 1991-4108304 A: 19910314
DE 4108304 C2: 19950406
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a device for the bonding of silicon wafers to substrates. Such bonds are used for the production of micromechanical components and for stabilizing ultrathin membranes. Conventional bonding techniques require a long time outlay and entail the risk of contamination. The device according to the invention uses the anodic bonding effect. The device consists of several tins whose bases and lids form electrodes and are designed to receive the parts to be bonded. The lids are guided and are vertically movable in layers, said layers being arranged in a common holder. The holder is firmly connected to a cover hood which can be moved vertically or horizontally by means of a pneumatic device. In order to prevent the bonded parts from adhering to the tin lid, a wiping device is provided. The device is designed for use in a process line and exhibits a high throughput of parts to be bonded.